Saturday 11 stage about Five Animals Qi Gong

The Qi Gong of the Five Animals is the oldest recorded set of Qi Gong exercises and is attributed to the founding master Hua Tuo, one of the greatest doctors of ancient China.
Besides for inventing this practice he is also famous for his knowledge of herbal medicine, acupuncture and anatomy and is considered to be the first to perform brain surgery with the use of natural anaesthetics.

This set of qi gong imitates the movements of the five animals to strengthen and heal the five main organs ( heart, spleen, lungs, kidneys and liver) and to stimulated the related meridians.
It unifies the power of standing meditation and of Dao Yin ( sometimes referred to as Daoist Yoga), a type of exercise that uses stretching, breathing and intention that has been used since ancient times to prolong life.