Truth as contraddiction

“the small intelligence discriminates, the great intelligence comprehends”.

-Zhuang Zi, chapter second, on the equality of all things.

One aspect that allways fascinated me since young age was the contraddictions in philosophy and in moral that made the truth always ungraspable by simple and clear affirmations.

I always have felt very attracted towards relativistic philosophies but, since the ancient word, there always have been one critic confutation of such a philosophies that touched me deeply.

Amongst others also Aristotele have observed the illogicity of affirming that everything is relative as an absolute truth. If everything is relative, even the fact that everything is relative has to be relative.

This mind twisting contraddiction always puzzled my mind.

This because i deeply believed in the relativity of truth and everything seemed to point to that direction but i felt that this confutation was not only a sofistic argument but that it had deep truth in it.

So reality had to be relative and at the same time absolute.

The more i observed the more i found this same contraddiction everywhere and the more i felt i was coming close to the truth on something the more this contraddiction would pop out.

This is how i started to see truth as contraddiction.

It was a big step in my life when i discovered Daoist philosophers and my “philosophical wierdness” was finally feeling like it found its place with this mysterious sages who answer with such a beautiful elegance to similar question to the ones i have been asking myself.

i remember reading in the Dao De Jing:

“When people see some things as beautiful,
other things become ugly.
When people see some things as good,
other things become bad.

Being and non-being create each other”.

and in the Zhuang Zi:

“the small intelligence discriminates, the great intelligence comprehends”.

These two qotes felt deeply reveating and had a deep impact on me.

Reality felt like something we had to strech our mind to comprehend, the comprehension of opposite truth is the only way to non-partiality, to the true understanding of the complexity of the whole.

In Buddhism it is said:

“Suffering comes from wrong understanding, holding to any partial belief is a wrong understanding, when all partial beliefs are removed we are left with wisdom”.