Torreira (Portugal) Kung Fu Retreat

In Autumn of 2018 ( from 10 to 15 of October) we gathered in the breath taking ocean area of Torreira for a five days retreat dedicated to the practices of Kung Fu basics, Pure Yang Eight Steps and the Body Protection Seven Stars method. Besides we also practiced our Five Immortals morning Qi Gong, singing of the Dragon Gate Morning Scritures and Daoist stillness meditation in the evenings.

It was a very joyous occasion to meet again with the brothers and sisters from the temple family and to meet new interesting and stimulating people. The practice has been carried out with enthusiasm and has bared good fruits, the moments outside training where warm and full of interesting exchanges and last but not least our chefs really did their best!

We thought that it would have been beautiful to share a bit of what we have been doing with the local community so  the last day of the retreat we did a Tai Chi demonstration in the little square of Torreira and got the chance to exchange and get to know some of the local people. The next day, when already some had left, we gave a little qi gong class in a retirement house for the elderly of the area, it was an amazing experience and their joyous reaction to the little meditation and moments of friendly exchange we had was really heart warming.