Tai Chi Retreat in Lake Maggiore

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29 March-7 April
(29 March-3 April ; 3 April- 7 April)

6:00-7:30 Qi Gong practice
8:00-10:00 Breakfast and rest
10:00-12:30 Tai Chi and Qi Gong Class
13:00-16:00 Lunch and rest
16:00-18:30 Tai Chi and Qi Gong Class
19:00-21:30 Dinner and rest
21:30-22:30 Sitting Meditation Practice

We are glad to invite you to a wonderfull occasion of practice and exchange in the beautiful natural area of Lake Maggiore in Italy.

The retreat consists in 10 days of full immersion in the ancient Daoist pratices of Tai Chi, Qi Gong and Meditation in a familiar environment which aims to create an atmosphere of mutual support and teaching/learning.

The purpose of this retreat is to cultivate harmony and peace, to explore deeper level connection with oneself but also to experience genuine and supportive human contact unifying with the surrounding nature and the joyous vital energy of spring.

The full price of the retreat is of 600 euros and it includes all the practice and classes (4 sessions per day), delicious probiotic and vegan food and accomodation.

The retreat is suitable for all levels of pratitioners, from who wishes to explore something new, to who has a background from other types of practices to who already is experienced in tai chi and qi gong.