Tai Chi Retreat – Arbucies


Arbucies, Girona, Catalonia, Spain.


19 – 24 July, 2018


In summer 2018 we reunited in Arbucies, a small village with a scenic backdrop, one hour away from Barcelona.

The location was of precious natural beauty, with big trees and a fresh and clear river passing just next to the house. There where different housing complexes and bio-constructions scattered around the land that integrated with the natural environment. The whole area manifests peace and harmony.

Everyday we practised Qi Gong in the early morning, during the day we cooked together and practised Tai Chi. In the evening we gathered in the tippy to meditate. On the third day we were surprised by a summer storm so we stayed inside to practice the singing of the five healing tones ( part of the music healing method) and Shiatsu massage.

The retreat lasted for five days which passed by very peacefully and harmoniously. We spoke openly about our shared experience and have been happy to hear that everyone found the retreat and the practices learned have been fruitful and up-lifting.