Qi Gong and Daoist Meditation Silent Retreat

L'immagine può contenere: cielo, testo, natura e spazio all'aperto



We are glad to invite you to another occasion to share the space of practice for the purpose of mutual empowerment in the path of self discovery and realization.

This event will be a three days ( two nights) silent retreat focused specifically on the practices of Qi Gong and Daoist Meditation with the purpose of exploring deeper, more original, more wise and loving, more expanded, more true levels of the I.




The methods that we will use for our purpose come from the Daoist Dragon Gate.
These methods where received and developed by heremits, priests and shamans who in ancient times devoted their lives to explore the depth of the mysteries of nature and creation, to uncover layer by layer the essence of reality.

The practices of Qi Gong and sitting Meditation are the two complementary faces of this search: in Qi Gong we aim to actively embrace and integrate the love and light/wisdom of the great forces of nature in our own mental, energetical and physical bodies by unifying qi and intent , in stillness Meditation we sit quietly and peacefully, allowing heaven and earth to return to us, allowing our primordial energy to be replenished drop by drop.

The practices of Qi Gong and Daoist meditation explore the profound forces that compose the inner and outer universe. These methods were passed down to us by the master and our mentor in The Five Immortals Temple at the Wudang Mountains in China.





This retreat will be foused on exploring the topic of the true self.
The infinite, which is the most original and most undifferenciated I, wishes to know itself and for this reason it undergoes a journey of self discovery through a series of distortions and individualizations (with increasing sense of separation) which allows it to explore otherwise unaccessible experiences of itself.
We could say that each level of individualization that the infinite undergoes further filters the light of infinite intelligence.
Through practice we aim to walk this path backwards from the most individualized self to the most original and true self which ultimately transcends all individualizations identifying with the infinite itself.

In this way we can say that the sense of “I am” is the door to all self-realization.

Our exploration of the sense of “I am” allows us to more and more accurately be able to distinguish the true I from its distortions.
The more we access and integrate the energy of a truer, more expanded level of the self the more we can access and integrate the level of wisdom and love that corresponds to that layer of the self.

Even while we maintain the persona to function in the world we mantain an identification with greater and more expanded I wich expands our vision, and access to infinite intelligence.
Living a life in this third density while being able to integrate the point of view of our higher self liberates us from fear and confusion wich arises from identification with the drama and allows us to perceive our life from a higher perspective as an extremely exciting experience for accelerated learning, experimentation and service to others.
With greater access to the wisdom of the higher self, besides having more clarity about our infinite true nature, we can have more clarity about our true purpose and carry on our path and exploration fueld by the genuine joy and excitement.



The retreat will be hosted in a beautiful house on the top the hills in the natural area of Les Planes .



The house is equipped with:

• Double rooms with blankets included
• Meditation and Pratice Room
• Kitchen and Dining Room
• WC & Shower
• Relax area and Garden.



• This retreat is an occasion to turn inwards and to explore oneself in the silence and it is suitable for practitioners of all levels
• All attendees are required to maintain a code of discipline in order to cultivate an atmosphere of learning and growth for oneself and others.



The retreat starts with the welcome dinner on Friday followed by the introduction of the course and the opening circle.
From that moment on we will open the space for silence that will last untill the closing circle after lunch on Sunday.

Saturday’s schedule:

• Arise
• Meditation Practice
• Breakfast
• Guided Qi Gong and Meditation practice
• Lunch
• Rest
• Guided Qi Gong and Meditation practice
• Dinner
• Meditation
• Rest



Three healthy vegan meals will be provided each day.
The meals are purposely designed to provide adequate nutrition and support the practice.



• Comfortable clothes for practice
• Warm clothes
• Towel



• Guided and individual practice sessions
• 2 night accommodation
• 6 meals from Friday’s dinner to Sunday’s lunch.



The retreat will be conveyed in English, however proficiency in English is not required as we can also communicate in Spanish, Italian, Polish and Chinese.