Qi Gong

Qi Gong ( or Chi Kung in Spanish) is an ancient Chinese practice that aims to cure and prevent disease, calm the mind, and learn to consciously control the energies of our body and nature.
The name “Qi Gong” is a historically new name and was used to define in a single word the great variety of Chinese energy practices.
The exercises we will practice in our class are a combination of postures, and static and dynamic standing meditation.
These meditative practices include and combine breathing, relaxation, stretching, exercises to strengthen the body and to control the energy.
They are based on the theories of Yin and Yang, on ancient medicine and as well on Taoist principles, philosophy and practices.
For this reason, in addition to healing and strengthening the body, these practices also aim to cultivate the character and connect with the high wisdom to open new doors to the understanding of ourselves and of the universe.

“The Supreme Medicine has three distinctions:
Ching [essence], Qi [vitality]. and Shen [spirit],
Which are elusive and obscure.

Keep to nonbeing, yet hold on to being.
And perfection is yours in an instant.

The sages awaken through self-cultivation;
Deep, profound, their practices require great effort.

Fulfilling vows illumines the Heavens.”

– The Jade Emperor’s Mind Seal Classic.