Tai chi

Tai Chi Quan

Tai Chi (or Tai ji) is an ancient practice that combines energy exercises (Qi Gong) with martial techniques.
The name Tai Chi refers to the Taoist Cosmology and can be translated approximately as “supreme unity”, the stage of creation where everything exists in unity.
The Tai Chi Quan expresses this principle in all its aspects, from the most superficial to the deepest.
It unites harmoniously meditacion,energetic practices, martial practices and health.
The exercises are characterized by slow, costant and relaxed movements, like water that flows and never stops, and on the other hand by low postures and techniques to increase the inner strength.
With the relaxation and coordination it is possible to remove physical and energical obstructions, open the flow of the meridians and eliminate the root of illennses.
In this way Tai Chi practices at the same time at the livel of the body, of the energy and of the spirit, which are seen as different expressions of the same vital force that animates the universe.