Daoist Healing Arts Porto 2019

At the end of this summer we invite you to participate in a retreat dedicated to healing with the ancient practices of Tai Chi, Chinese traditional medicine, Qi Gong, Taoist Yoga and meditation.

The course will include theory and practical classes wich will be suitable for all levels of practitioners.

The classes will be held by Virginie Freire, TCM practitioner, Tai Chi and Qi Gong teacher, holds healing retreats at Lugar do Bodhisattva, and Giulio Saltelli, teacher of Tai Chi, Qi Gong, Kung Fu and meditation at Wudang TianMa.

Delicious Vegan food will be served three times a day by Vegan Chefs Dariusz Pesta and Davide Dabada Cerullo.

The retreat will be held in the wonderfull Lugar Do Bodhisattva in a beautiful mountain area one hour away from Porto.

The full retreat lasts 10 days (from 30th August to 8th September).
Also it is possible to participate to half of the retreat (30 Aug/3 Sep or 3 Sep/8 Aug).

The daily schedule will be the following:

Qi Gong practice
Practice class
Theory class
Evening meditation

List of content:
Yi Jing (I Ching) and application to healing, traditional preparation and use of Moxa, chinese herbal decoctions, bamboo cupping, fire healing methods, daoist acupressure, 5 tones music healing, morning Qi gong of the Five Immortals, Qi Gong methods for therapists and sitting meditation and more…

Full 10 days retreat – 600€
5 days half retreat – 350 €
Weekend – 140 €
One class(morning or afternoon)+ One meal – 40 €

The places for this event are limited,
To book your place contact us:

on wudang tian ma’s facebook chat,
by whatsapp at +34 605 46 89 75
by e mail at wudangtianma@gmail.com

(the place where the retreat will take place)