Tai Chi Classes


In the tai chi classes the focus is on solidifying the foundations and growing an understanding of how to use the strength and the energy of the body in a more natural and intelligent way. The student will be provided with knowledge about the medical, martial, energetic and philosophical principles of tai chi.

I also offer private classes where I teach specific practices that suit the individual, to promote his health or to work in a particular direction.


standing meditation pillars, sinking and rising tai chi pillar, static and moving tai chi basic postures, relaxation and stretching exercises, silk reeling (chan si), push hands exercises (single handed, double handed, free), wudang Tian Ma 33 tai chi form

the contents are taught gradually and according to the students level.

Teaching method

The method and the exercises that are chosen depend on the purpose one has.

The various purposes which this practices can be used for are:

promoting health, learning how to consciously use the energy for healing, enhance the strength for martial purpose and pursue spiritual growth.

Those aims, even if connected, have different methods.

To determine the direction of the classes I take in consideration the purposes and the conditions of the various students.

Besides, regardless of which direction is taken, I consider the purpose of spiritual growth as the one of primary importance.

To obtain greater health, strength or the ability to connect with the energies of the universe one has to undergo not only a certain practice but also a process of elevation of his own thoughts.

“by changing one thought you can save one life”

In my experience I have observed that a traditional method of practice, that focuses on simple exercises and proceeds step by step by building a solid foundation is the one that brings more concrete and stable results.

The body needs repetition to learn and change patterns, the mind needs time to achieve patience and understanding.

I consider primarily important to provide the students with what they need to be able to have a daily practice that suits them advising them some specific exercise to heal certain diseases, face a certain problem or work in a certain direction.

Even just ten minutes every day spent practising certain qi gong movements are enough to achieve solid benefits. Regardless of ones purpose, constancy is the strongest mean to achieve a change.

For this reasons the class is a important moment of exchange, where not only one learns the movements and the theories but as well shares his experiences and questions with the others and gets further directions for his path.