About Giulio

My name is Giulio Saltelli, I am a young italian and I just arrived in Barcelona.

I spent the last years studying daoist practices as qi gong, tai chi, kung fu, meditation and traditional medicine in the temple of WuXianMiao in the Wudang monutains in China.

In my formation I started with karate thought by my father since young age. At the age of eighteen I put aside this discipline and started to practice tai chi and meditation. In that period of my life I found out that oriental philosophies could answer many of my questions and at the same time open many new horizons. The first things I read spoke deeply to me and helped me to come out of the darkness I was trapped in for all my teenage years.

One year later I went for my first trip to china where I learnt many things but as well realized the difficulty of finding genuine teachings. In that year I travelled to several martial arts academies in the area of the Wudang mountains, birthplace of tai chi, searching for masters for approximately one year.

After I came back to Italy I started studying philosophy at university but after a year I went back to china to study in a place a friend advised me: this place was WuXianMiao, the five Immortals temple. A month after my arrival I decided to drop university and grasp the occasion to spend some years studying there. In there I found guidance and had the occasion to study and grow. During that time I also helped in the temple and the community life by doing small manual works and supported the master by teaching the more physical aspects of the classes and translating.

After about two and half years in the mountains I feel the need to start an active work in society and to create connections with people, for this reason I took the decision to start teaching Tai Chi, Qi Gong and Kung Fu in the city of Barcelona.
My hope is that my experience will be useful to others that are pushed by the same questions as I have. The transmission of the knowledge of the ancient masters is of immense value and I consider a great honour and responsibility to share it at the best of my abilities.