Practising the Yang

Practising the Yang is a process of empowerment, of expansion, of enthusiasm, determination and discipline.

The Yang wishes to be efficient and to reach goals and so it optimizes its energies, it makes plans and acheives satisfaction for accomplishing them but never stops going forward.
For this reason we say that the yang is directional, it moves in a straight line from where he is to where he wishes to be and has a clear idea about the steps that are needed to arrive there.
This type of energy is also about the overcoming of obstacles, the excitement of challeging oneself to discover more our limitless possibilities and potential.
The Yang doesnt passively accept the situation but with its own hands it grasps the wheel of life and starts turning it in the direction it whishes.
In this phase one explores him/herself as the creator.
A person with this type of energy is able to make things happend and emits a bright and magnetic force, for this reason people tend to gather around her. Consequentially she is able to channel the creative force of others as well and naturally assumes a leading energy enabeling the potential of the group energy to express more fully.
The yang is strong, radiant and reliable. It is inspired and excited.
In the inner world this manifest in the tendency to expand and explore bright and elevated frequencies of consciousness, always drawn to go beyond in a state of spiritual excitement and bliss.

It also manifests in the strenght to overcome obstructions in the path with determination and courage.
The difficulties in this process may be forces that make it more difficult for us to express our potential and these can be of all sorts or types.
From lack of inspiration, of self discipline to limitations from our surroundings there are many factors who contribute in our unempowerment for this reason it is important to individuate them and find ways to neutralyze or transform the limiting energy.
Of all the limiting factors without a doubt the most central is our own limiting thoughts and beliefs.
The ability on unability to grasp our life ultimately is to reconduce to our mental posture and ideas, the quality of our experiece is to reconduce to our own perception of it, all that we can acheive ultimately depends on what are our thoughts.
Of course, toghether with the mental work, it is foundamental to work on dropping unempowering and unproductive habits such as indulging in lazyness, dispersiveness, unhealthy food, in social media, in masturbation, in toxic relations, and cultivate more healthy and productive habits as sports, meditation, healthy eating, learning stimulating and empowering informations, setting clear goals and directions, managing our time, cultivating our passions and our self.
In this way one can enter in a spiral that brings more and more satisfaction which then brings more strenght and motivation to overcome our limitations which then bring even more results.
Nowadays there are many who speak about these topics in a very modern way and this is being received very well making this type of energy more accessible to everyone, with a type of philosophy that resonates with modern minds and that can bring a lot of inspiration, empowerment to people and can eventually give us more power to take the situation in our hands and make positive changes that this world needs.
Nevertheless cultivating the yang is a double edged sword and we need to be careful not to hurt ourself or others when we develop a strong yang energy.
One thing that may happend is that we become addicted to surpassing ourself and can never be at peace, attaining one result one is already thinking about the next one, one becomes so addicted that a moment without work is agony and that the pursuit of new goals is keeping him/her in a state of constant stress. Also we have to consider that to overcome the obstacles one often is very self critic and gives himself a lot of preassure, in this way this can convert in a type of violence against oneself that if it is not sustainable will then drain the person as she burns all her enthusiasm and energy, becomes less and less able to surpass herself and even more be hard and violent against herself.
This is like the dark side of an addiction.
Also as the objectives becomes the only thing that matters everything else looses importance and one becomes narrow minded, unable to listen, and come to neglect other imoprtant aspects of life.
Also when one fire become preponderant one has always the attitude to face all the challanges with full power and finally win, this can lead to seeing threats and challenges where there are not and to be unable to admit one s own fauls and mistakes, in this case this will result in the impossibility to have any friendship or any relation that is not of subordination of the other person (takeing the role of the leader or the teacher).
Developing a strong warrior energy can easily hurt other people whith words or actions or not really consider them humanly as individuals.
In ones pursiut of the goals he comes to see even people as simply a factor that can help or oppose their purpose, the importance of the goal overcome the importance of any other value and virtue.
If building a powerful yang it is advisable to dedicate time to practices that counterbalance it, yin practices as sitting meditation, active ( but soft) meditation practices as qi gong, yoga and tai chi, fasting, emotional work,  and so on.

In general the ability that one shoud pursue to counterbalance a strong yang are patience, detachment, simplicity, humbleness and so on.

Actually this particular condition of excessive yang often develops in individuals who are in leading positions. A leader who’s yang is balanced would feel to the people around him like she is not a heavy presence, she doesn’t try to defend her authority, she is humble and open to different opinions.

Like it is said in the Dao de Jing:

when the sage is above the people they don`t feel his wheight, when he is in front the don`t feel in his shadow.

or also:

When the wise reigns the country when her work is done the people think that they did everything by themselves.
Strong phisical practices have the advantage of tiering the body and bring relaxation but this alone will not be sufficient to bring stable stillness and calm without the support of meditation.
These practices actually, even if they give momentarily relaxation, still contribute in strenthening the yang.
Neverhteless a balanced and healthy phisical practice will help to build a balanced and upright yang.

If one is in a yang phase he will have to be carefull not to push too much the practiceor this will lead to injury ( this is actually a common sign of uncontrolled and excessive yang).
So to get the best benefits it is important to observe the build up of excessive yang before it manifests in negative syntoms.
When you are in an upright spiral of excitement and productivity you can observe the first signs when you are becoming less able to relax your thoughts or to sit in stillness.
In this case simply implement more yin practice, bring yourself more to calm and detached states and mind yourself from the thought patterns of excessive yang.
In this way you will be able to continue in your upright spiral at a sustainable rhytm.
Just like in the phisical practice if you have a routine that is very effective but in the long run will not be sustaiable and will injure your body then that is not a good routine.
So as we said healhty yin nourishes a healthy yang. By implementing the yin into the yang your yang will change qualitatively and become more stable, its qualities will become more concrete and true, more mature and wise.

I believe that cultivating a healthy yang energy is very needed especially in this times.

The sicknesses of modern society are under many aspects a manifestation of sick yang (control, greed, competition, egoism), the system of values that governs economy ( and our life in general) of the survival of the fittest, competition of all against all also manifests this condition.

For this reason i believe that a lot of spirituality in the last decades was more yin oriented, to counterbalance the fierce pressure of society.

I believe now the time has come to us to take back in our hands the yang energy and redefine it,  in new, more healthy and balanced, clean and upright ways.

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