Pracising the Yin

Practicing the Yin is a pocess of letting go and of love.
In this process we deconstruct our ego and our attechments, we open to the great forces of the universe and their flow.
The yin is nourishing, is resting, is healing, is caring. Cultivating these qualities is a liberating process that allows one to be at peace and bliss in the present moment.
The bliss of this type is not related to the acheivement of goals nor the overcoming of obstacles, it is trully free and uncoditional, like the love of a mother.
The unconditional love doesnt need to be earned but is ever present limitless love that embraces all existence.
In proportion to how much we can let go, we can find fulfilment and joy in the present moment by realizing the limitless value of that what is always already here.
By relaxing we open ourself to the inspiration, the beauty that naturally overflows without effort because it simply wishes to do so.
The opening to love is opposed by fear as our separate self wishes to preserve itself and the barriers it put up in defence.
As we look deeply we come to understand our limitations and fears and by accepting we can look on to ourself with compassion.
As we allow ourself to open, the stiff case we are in slowly dissolves as this process brings us to realize the interconnection and the true non separate nature of all beings.
We come to identify the other as self, to see the beauty of life maniesting through us and in all things and to open to the limitless creative forces of the universe.
In general the practice of yin is a practice of retourning: to the present, to our origin, to who we trully are.
By returning to who we altraedy are the more superficial levels of the illusion dissipates and deeper levels of truth are manifested: in this way the wisdom in the yin path is not pursued but its revealed.
It is also a process of deconstructing, of undoing, of stepping back.
Silece is where we come from, it is what we more originally are and where we must retourn to find healing.

Also this path, as the path of cultivating the yang, has its owns traps.
If stepping back back becomes an habit we may end up unable to act with firm intention.
If accepting becomes and habit we may end up avoiding any decision and just following whatever comes.
If following the flow becomes an habit we may end up moving endlessly, constantly changing direction, never being able to build or conclude anything.
The yang path is the path to grasp the wheel of life and turn it counterclockwise, in the yin path we follow what is natural.
Following what is natural can be interpretated at many different levels depending what we mean by natural.
Undoubtlessly on one level our nature always brings us towards the most easy and comfortable solution.
There is parts of us who are very appealed by very unconstructive habits and attitudes as indulging lazily in food, unproductive entertainment, unhealthy behaviours etcetera.
The concept of following our nature implies the work on sincerily listening to the aspirations and desires of our true self, otherwise this philosophy of following the flow just becomes an excuse to do whatever we please with no constraint.
This obviously is not a productive point of view for any type of development.
Another type of manifestation of an unbalanced yin practice is the acheivement of a superficial peace that is fragile in front of any difficulty or situation of contrast coming from the outside world.
This practitioners will be more confortable and self confident in their inside world but in the outside world they will feel that they struggle to express their qualities and often they fear to encounter situations that expose their weaknesses. These subjects will appear peaceful but shy, undecisive, easily agreeing with everyone to avoid conflicts.
It is interesting to observe though that shy people, when their yang is strenghtened for example by taking on a physical practice, often burst out surprising quantities of stagnant fire which shows a lot of sensible pride and brings out a lot of resentment for all they have been standing without opposition.
This shows that shyness is just another face of pride.
The ego of this apparently peaceful people has not disappeared, it has just hidden deeper in and started accumulating its resentment.
In general the results of an unbalanced yin practice manifest in unempowerment and this creates a stagnant yang energy. It is like an eccessive and unbalanced practice of one polarity suppresses the opposite polarity.
When we practice only one polarity the qualities we build will be more shallow and less deeply rooted.
To rebalance a excessive yin practice it is very efficinet to take on more active practice: those practices can be for example active phisical exercise, active work in the outside world, take on a more strict discipline or facing shyness by stepping out in front of other people.
In those case as we said we may see a lot of stagnating emotions emerge and this process can be very unconfortable for the practitioner.
At first she will have difficulty to put energy and succed in the yang excercise.
Then when this resistence will be broken the stagnating emotions will start to come out.
This process can take a time to become more mild.
The person will experience a new rush of empowerment but on the other side she will feel difficulty accessing the same stillness, the inspiration and the depth she had built with her previous practice.
This is normal and not to be feared as practice always goes in cycle.
Eventually she will be able to reaccess all the dept that she practiced but in a new, more empowered way that will allow her to express more fully its potential.

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