Fasting Retreat Barcelona May 2020

We invite you to participate in a retreat dedicated to Fasting in the beatiful natural area of Arbucies, in the outside of Barcelona, form the 23rd to the 31st of May.

In this event we will practice a form of progressive fasting. This means that we will eat gradually less each day of the retreat and then slowly start to eat again more and more as the reatreat gets close to its end. We will propose a specific schedule studied to optimize the benefits of the fast and to make it as smooth and easy as possible. Nevertheless everyones body is different and consequently the ability to fast will be different. For this reason we will accompany the participants and invite them to listen to their bodies and decide for themselves how itense their fast will be. This fast will have the specific purpose to purify the body and to bring the practitioners in a mental state where they will more easily enter stillness and perceive deeper levels of reality and of their self.

The fasting of fasting will be combined with the practice of Qi Gong. This ancient form of energy practice combines breathing, movements and visualizations to connect with the forces of nature.

Fasting makes energy practice easier and energy practice makes fasting easier. Those two practices support each other in an upright spiral and bring the practitioner to experience deeper levels of peace and wholsomeness.

The retreat will include theroy classes on fasting, energy work and spiritual practice, and practice sessions of qi gong and meditation.




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