Wudang Sword Eindhoven(NL), 14-17 Feb.

We invite you to one weekend workshop entirely dedicated to the practice of Wudang Tai Chi Sword.

The Workshop aims at building a strong foundation in this practice and in connecting with its powerfull essence.



The Seven Stars Sword from the Wudang Mountains is one of the jewels of our transmission. It is an ancient method developed by the founding master Lu Dong Bin that unifies martial arts with Daoist ritual magic.

This ancient form imitates the movement of the stars and galaxies to unify with their great power and wisdom.

The sword embodies the energy of clarity and strenght, the power to cut between the true and the false, the focus and determination that allows one to walk on a straight and upright path.



The classes will start Friday afternoon from 17:00 to 20:30

Saturday and Sunday the classes will go from 9:00 to 18:00 with a break in between for lunch.

The program also includes:

Qi Gong basic exercises
Kunng Fu Warm up and Stretching
Tai chi Sword Basics
A section of the Wudang Seven Stars Sword Form


Guilio from Wudang Tian Ma will be teaching the Wudang Sword Workshop


The Price for the weekend workshop is 150,- it is a non-residential workshop.
Sign-up by contacting us or e-mail to: info@diep-active.nl


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